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Watch S05E09 - The Last Temptation of Homer | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S05E09: The Last Temptation of Homer
Homer finds he's falling in love with Mindy Simmons, the beautiful new engineer at the plant. Things only get worse when Homer and Mindy are sent to represent the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the National Energy Convention in Capital City. The more time they spend together, the more Homer begins to fear that there may be more fusion at the...
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Watch S16E02 - All's Fair in Oven War | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S16E02: All's Fair in Oven War
When Bart fishes Homer's vintage 'Playdude' magazines out of the trash, he decides to adopt the ring-a-ding-ding lifestyle of the 1970's portrayed in the magazines; based on his ten year-old knowledge. Meanwhile Marge enters the Ovenfresh Bakeoff.
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Watch S14E19 - Old Yeller Belly | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S14E19: Old Yeller Belly
When a fire breaks out, Homer is trapped beneath an ice sculpture. Santa's Little Helper is turns tail and runs away, leaving the family cat to perform the rescue. The poor dog is banished from the house. While playing alone outside, Santa's Little Helper toys with a discarded can of Duff beer. A photojournalist snaps a picture, which inspir...
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Watch S12E21 - Simpsons Tall Tales | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S12E21: Simpsons Tall Tales
Homer refuses to pay an airport tax for their flight, they hop an illegal train ride and share a railroad car with a singing hobo. The hobo enchants them with tall tales taken from American folklore.
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Watch S22E20 - Homer Scissorhands | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S22E20: Homer Scissorhands
After Homer discovers a genius talent for styling hair and opens his own salon, he becomes Springfield's most in-demand hair stylist. But having to listen to women's problems and gossip all day long leads Homer to believe his gift may actually be a curse. Meanwhile, when Milhouse decides to live each day to the fullest, he comes out of his shell and...
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Watch S07E10 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectac... | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S07E10: The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectac...
To celebrate the momentous 138th episode of The Simpsons, Troy McClure hosts a retrospective of classic moments and never-before-seen outtakes. As a reward to the show's loyal viewers, a number of long-unanswered questions, like "What's the deal with Mr. Smithers?" are finally addressed, sort of.
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Watch S07E13 - Two Bad Neighbors | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S07E13: Two Bad Neighbors
Former President George Herbert Walker Bush becomes the newest resident of Evergreen Terrace, moving with his wife Barbara into the large house across the street from the Simpsons. Everyone in the neighborhood is excited to have the Bushes in Springfield, but Homer and Bart get off on the wrong foot with the former Chief Executive.
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Watch S19E14 - Dial 'N' for Nerder | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S19E14: Dial 'N' for Nerder
Bart and Lisa pull a prank on Martin Prince that goes terribly wrong and they become burdened with guilt over Martin's untimely death. Meanwhile, Marge hires an investigative television show to follow Homer around after she suspects him of cheating on his diet.
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Watch S05E19 - Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadas... | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S05E19: Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadas...
Principal Skinner must learn to live without his beloved elementary school when Bart gets him fired. Ned Flanders is brought in to act as principal in Skinner's place.
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Watch S09E23 - King of the Hill | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S09E23: King of the Hill
After undertaking an intense workout regimen, Homer becomes a buffed-out specimen of a man. With the help of his gym buddy Rainer Wolfcastle, Homer becomes stronger and leaner than ever. He soon attracts the attention of Brad and Neil, two executives from the company that makes Powersauce health bars. Brad and Neil enlist Homer to climb to the top o...
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