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Random Episodes

Watch S22E09 - Donnie Fatso | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S22E09: Donnie Fatso
Homer ends up in the Springfield penitentiary after getting caught bribing an official; an FBI investigator (Jon Hamm) offers Homer a way to reduce his jail time.
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Watch S23E07 - The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S23E07: The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
After Homer hosts a party to promote Krusty's new liquor, Mr. Burns makes him an account exec and an ad pro (voice of John Slattery) mentors him. Soon Homer begins to neglect his family. Meanwhile, Bart begins reading classic novels.
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Watch S07E04 - Bart Sells His Soul | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S07E04: Bart Sells His Soul
Bart decides to sell his soul to Milhouse for five dollars. Meanwhile, Moe transforms his dank, depressing Tavern into a family restaurant called Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag.
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Watch S02E21 - Three Men and a Comic Book | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S02E21: Three Men and a Comic Book
Bart, Milhouse, and Martin all desperately want the first issue of Radioactive man comic book. None of them can afford it so they put their money together. This causes them to fight over it until is it destroyed.
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Watch S07E17 - Homer the Smithers | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S07E17: Homer the Smithers
Mr. Burns' assistant, Waylon Smithers, nearly works himself into a nervous breakdown and is forced to go on a vacation. Fearing that whoever fills in for him in his absence might replace him permanently, Smithers places Homer Simpson in the job, figuring that there's no way the plant's worst employee could possibly be a threat.
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Watch S15E13 - Smart and Smarter | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S15E13: Smart and Smarter
When Maggie is accepted into a gifted preschool (even though she has yet to say a word) Lisa feels she has lost her identity as 'the smart one'. She then searches for a new one that people will accept and like her for.
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Watch S13E01 - Treehouse of Horror XII | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S13E01: Treehouse of Horror XII
A Halloween special which is divided into three short stories:

Hex and the City: A gypsy's curse turns Homer into a walking bad luck charm that makes monsters of his family members and kills off his best friends.

House of Whacks: Marge buys a HAL-style computer system for the house and picks the Pierce Brosnan personality, who immediately takes a shine to Marge -- and attempts to murder Homer.

Wiz Kids: A Harry Potter parody where Bart and Lisa go to a school for wizards, and Lord Montemort (Mr. Burns) uses Bart to capture Lisa's magic.
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Watch S23E13 - At Long Last Leave | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S23E13: At Long Last Leave
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Watch S03E08 - Lisa's Pony | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S03E08: Lisa's Pony
Homer once again manages to disappoint his daughter Lisa. He tries to make it up to her which forces him to buy her a pony.
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Watch S11E03 - Guess Who's Coming to Criticiz... | I Watch The Simpsons Online
S11E03: Guess Who's Coming to Criticiz...
Homer gets the perfect side job when he becomes the chief restaurant critic for The Springfield Shopper newspaper. He loves the perks, but can barely write a complete sentence. When Lisa helps out by ghosting his columns, Homer becomes the most powerful - and feared - critic in town.
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