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S07E05: Lisa the Vegetarian

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S07E05: Lisa the Vegetarian
Lisa realizes that it's wrong to eat animals after a long petting session with a baby lamb at a local zoo. Swearing off meat turns out to be a controversial decision for Lisa, since everyone around her seems to support the eating of flesh.
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Mon 14th January, 04:57 am
hahaha the shark eating the gorilla
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Mon 26th December, 05:58 am
lisa is always annoying but most vegetarians see her point of not eating animals
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Sat 17th December, 03:49 pm g
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Mon 12th December, 10:16 am
For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three.
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Tue 22nd November, 07:23 pm
really shows you what assholes progessives are
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Fri 11th November, 07:41 pm
think of all the savage people eating furry fluffy animals like is just sick,i am going vegetarian and i hope all the meat eaters out there will join me
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Fri 14th October, 03:54 pm
hows lisa annoyin in this ep anon6987
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Mon 26th September, 05:24 pm
Lisa's a lame wad.
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Tue 9th August, 06:35 am
lol: i think i'll donate 1 million to charity today. WHEN PIGS FLY!! hahahahahaha *pig flies past* oh...
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Tue 9th August, 06:14 am
i think killing animals is cruel.... but they taste too good to give up!!! XD
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Fri 27th May, 08:13 pm
ending song is "maybe Im amazed"
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Wed 18th May, 03:29 pm
I want to be a vegetarian, but I love lamb chops.
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Tue 17th May, 02:01 am
ending song please :(
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Thu 31st March, 06:54 am
This is why I hate Lisa! Ignorant intolerant fascist hypocrit!
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Thu 24th March, 04:33 pm
Being a vegetarian is a virtuous choice, but PLEASE don't preach about it! Animals eat other why not us?
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Wed 23rd March, 11:44 am
i wish i could be a vegie after watching this... but i can't. I lllluuuuvvvv meat!!! Sorry vegies.
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Thu 17th March, 12:44 pm
I love this episode, first time I watched it my carnivore friend was sitting next to me eating a hot dog! :D she didn't finish it
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Sun 13th March, 06:04 am
i've been eating ham throughout all this episode
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Sat 12th March, 03:38 pm
i dont realy like lisa
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Tue 8th March, 10:42 am
Good episode not the best but really good. It shows lisa's love of animal's.
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Tue 1st March, 12:39 pm
My favourite episode
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Sun 27th February, 11:25 am
i love this episode
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Sun 20th February, 08:53 pm
lisa is annoying in every episode
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Fri 24th December, 07:59 am
lisa is annoying in this eppisode
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Mon 6th December, 06:32 pm
I <3 this ep
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