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S23E11: The Doh-cial Network

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  • 1. Gorillavid - By Hissae2
  • 2. Daclips - By Hissae2

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S23E11: The Doh-cial Network
As the mastermind and creator of the online social networking phenomenon SpringFace, Lisa is called to trial when Springfield's obsession with the site becomes chaotic and dysfunctional. Lisa recounts her story and explains that she created the site after realizing she had no real friends. But as SpringFace expands and Springfield's fixation with the site causes mass hysteria, Lisa begins to realize that adding thousands of friends online did not compare to having real friendships. Later, Patty and Selma compete against the Winklevoss Twins (guest star Armie Hammer) in the rowing event at the 2012 Olympic Games.
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Thu 31st October, 06:41 am
nothing is working!!!!!
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Mon 15th April, 11:54 pm
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bealipho (member)
Sat 13th April, 09:23 pm
ned flanders prays for you to watch simpsons online for free at
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Tue 31st January, 02:16 pm
the both sources r nt workin
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Sat 28th January, 07:05 pm
I can't believe it... Smotri's not working, nothing's working. I think I might have to go back to WTSO, unless something is done about it. I am seriously tired of this... I don't even live in the USA!
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Fri 27th January, 06:43 pm
I want to see it!! but i can't!! power to the people!! the system can't rule it!!
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Utanium (mod)
Mon 23rd January, 05:33 pm
Guys No megavideo's will work anymore since it along with megaupload and co were shut down. Dont expect anymore. Looking for another medium quality video link ATM. Also LOL at U.S government sites being shut down within 70 minutes. Screw MPAA and Co.
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Sun 22nd January, 11:03 pm
love de episode but pissed i cant watch it now
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Sun 22nd January, 04:45 am
what is wrong with this website
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Sat 21st January, 03:54 pm
cant watch episode now, the government turned it off
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Sat 21st January, 03:53 pm
no megavideo, stupid government shut it all off. hope there is a new way to watch simpsons on here
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Sat 21st January, 03:05 am
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Fri 20th January, 10:53 pm
Supersnipe1313:So soon the law should be repealed after congress have stoped backing it and its going into the next meeting :D :D :D
Profile picture
Fri 20th January, 10:52 pm
Supersnipe1313:I just heard that there have been alot of protests around the sopa law, wikipedia and other places went dark today in protest to the law and some. so soo hackers hit crucial sites in protest :D
Profile picture
Fri 20th January, 09:47 am
Stop SOPA Megaupload and Megavideo have gone what is next. This is stopping our freedom of speech
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Thu 19th January, 06:28 pm
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Wed 18th January, 04:45 pm
no i liked it 2
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iBrogan (member)
Wed 18th January, 03:37 pm
hey every one this is NOT spam if anything its antispam this website WILL shutdown if you down oppose the PIPA and SOPA bill that will cease you tube facebook twitter google plus of free speech. wikipedia and other websites shutdown to warn about it
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Hissae2 (admin)
Tue 17th January, 06:42 pm
Just watched this episode. It was pretty good, I watched The Social Network this morning which made it better for me. :D
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Tue 17th January, 03:47 pm
Don't see what is wrong with this episode, i thought it was quite good, quite a good take on the social network movie.
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Mon 16th January, 08:43 pm
worst episode ever!!!
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Mon 16th January, 08:19 pm
no your not alone i liked it 2
Profile picture
Mon 16th January, 07:03 pm
I must be the only one who liked this ep... First Marge!
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iBrogan (member)
Mon 16th January, 01:04 pm
i missed this ep. thnx!!! XD lol
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Mon 16th January, 11:28 am
Man, i think i wait to see every next episode just because i love the show. that ep. sucked!!!!!! ass pretty much every each one of this season. i ve seen all of them a lot of times and this show is going down...
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Anon3599 (member)
Mon 16th January, 11:12 am
Die couch gag, die.
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Mon 16th January, 09:31 am
Great that it was up so fast but man oh of the weakest episodes yet.
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Mon 16th January, 06:12 am
simpsons aren't as good as they used to be
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Mon 16th January, 12:44 am
That was pretty shity episode. Sad :(
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Sun 15th January, 11:32 pm
thanks supersnipe1313 u rock u 2 hissae2
Profile picture
Sun 15th January, 10:22 pm
First Lisa! Oh and his was a good episode. I love the Simpsons!
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supersnipe1313 (mod)
Sun 15th January, 09:18 pm
Awesome for getting the ep really early :) Got videoozer as 2nd source in a day or two megavideo/smotri
Profile picture
Hissae2 (admin)
Sun 15th January, 08:24 pm
Couldn't find smotri or megavideo so you're stuck with videobb for now, sorry guys. :)
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